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 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Crunchy Moms

With Mother’s Day around the corner, let’s honor the Crunchy mamas who embody Mother Nature’s nurturing spirit. Being a mom is tough, so show your appreciation with gifts that are meant to nourish her body and soul!  

Crunchy CBD Tinctures

Elevate Mom’s self-care with a Crunchy CBD tincture. Crafted with organic hemp extract, our tinctures are non-GMO and third-party tested. Offering holistic relief from inflammation, stress relief, and improved sleep quality, these oils are full of superpowers! Choose from 1,000mg or 2,000mg blends for her needs. Pair a tincture with a handwritten note, eye gels, and a floral salt bath blend for the perfect wellness bundle.

Crunchy Hydration Mixed 6 Pack Sampler

Keep Mom hydrated and energized with our mixed 6-pack sampler. Packed with electrolytes, nootropics, and adaptogenic herbs, these waters are ideal for her busy life. From citrus flavors to earthy infusions, each blend offers a delicious way to stay hydrated. Let her mix and match flavors for a personalized treat.  Bonus- she can use her favorite Crunchy’s to make a delicious Mocktail as another special treat!

Mother’s Day Picnic

Treat Mom to a memorable picnic in Mother Nature’s beauty. Take a scenic walk through a local forest or park, enjoying the blooming flowers and chirping birds. Pack her favorite snacks, fresh fruit, and Crunchy Hydration. Find a peaceful spot to relax, unwind, and toast to Mom’s incredible spirit.

With these thoughtful gifts you can truly celebrate the incredible Crunchy mamas in your life this Mother’s Day. Show them the love and appreciation that they deserve with the power of natural healing.

What Makes our Functional Sparkling Waters “Functional”?

Here at Crunchy Hydration we don’t believe that hydration is just about drinking water—it’s a mindful practice that nourishes your body and soul. Each of our herbal sparkling water blends are crafted with intention: they each include natural ingredients curated to support your well-being from within. Let’s dive into how you can make our functional beverages work for you! Here’s a deeper dive into our Herbal Blends!

Mango Energize

Feeling the need for a pick-me-up? Our Mango Energize blend is your go-to solution. Packed with the goodness of goji berry and green tea, this herbal infusion offers sustained energy and stress relief. It’s perfect as a pre-workout booster, ideal for combating midday slumps, or simply as an alternative to your morning cup of coffee. Goji berry is renowned for its antioxidant properties, while green tea provides a gentle caffeine kick without the jitters. Together, they create a harmonious blend that supports focus and vitality throughout the day.

Raspberry Stabilize

Experience the benefits of digestive support with our Raspberry Stabilize blend. Infused with licorice root and dandelion root, this herbal tea promotes gut health and liver function. Whether you’re dealing with nausea, an upset stomach, or simply seeking to support your overall digestive wellness, Raspberry Stabilize is the perfect choice. Licorice root adds a touch of sweetness, making this blend not only functional but also delightful to sip throughout the day.

Watermelon Calm

Unwind and relax with our Watermelon Calm blend, crafted for moments when you need to soothe your nerves. Chamomile and aloe vera are the stars of this calming infusion, offering a gentle remedy for stress and anxiety. This blend is perfect for meditation sessions, stressful days, or winding down before bedtime. The calming properties of chamomile combined with the soothing effects of aloe vera create a serene experience that encourages tranquility and restfulness.

The Power of L-Theanine and Himalayan Salt

In addition to all the goodness of each of our herbal blends, all of our drinks are infused with L-Theanine and Himalayan salt to enhance your hydration experience. L-theanine, by working on your GABA receptors, helps reduce cortisol levels, promoting relaxation and mental clarity. Meanwhile, Himalayan salt replenishes essential minerals, supporting proper fluid balance and nutrient absorption.

Crunchy Hydration is more than just a beverage—it’s a commitment to holistic health and conscious living. With our herbal blends, you can elevate your hydration routine while nurturing your body and embrace wellness, one sip at a time.

Stay tuned for more insights, recipes, and wellness tips from Crunchy Hydration. Your journey to mindful hydration starts here!

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Honoring our All-Women Team

As International Women’s Day approaches, we want to give a big shout out to the incredible women who make the Crunchy team shine. We are a small (but mighty) crew of three ladies, but together, we pack a punch! Today, we’re putting the spotlight on our awesome all-women team and showing them some well-deserved love for all they do. We’ve asked everyone to spill the beans on their favorite Crunchy flavor, so let’s dive in and see what makes each of us tick!

Megan, CEO

I love all the flavors (obvi) but my current favorite is the lavender lemon Bliss. Instead of a glass of wine at night, I’ve made the Bliss my ritual. I pour it into a wine glass and let the lavender, lemon balm, L-theanine, and 50mg of CBD work its magic. The bliss has really helped with my stress, anxiety, and sleep

Heather, COO

I adore our OM’s delicious blend of grapefruit and rosemary!  As a “foodie” the herbaceous tones resonate with me. Packed with a full dose of vitamin D, infused with L-theanine for enhanced focus and relaxation, and boasting an incredible taste, it’s an absolute must-have.

Sara Rose, Social Media Manager

My favorite Crunchy is definitely the lime Elevate flavor. As someone with chronic fatigue, having a natural energy source from green tea is exactly what I need throughout the day. When you add CBD and relieve daily aches and pains, I can’t think of a more necessary combination. Plus, I’m a lime lover. The earthy basil and hemp with citrusy lime and functionality that caters exactly to my needs is why Elevate will always have a special place in my heart. 

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, let’s not only celebrate the achievements and contributions of women worldwide but also within our own team. By recognizing the diverse talents, perspectives, and strengths that women bring to the table, we can continue to foster an inclusive and empowering work environment for all. So, let’s raise a toast to the incredible women on our team, honoring their achievements, embracing their unique qualities, and sharing all things crunchy that they love, reminding us that even in the smallest moments, we can find joy, camaraderie, and the power of diversity. Happy International Women’s Day!

Love Yourself! Simplifying Self Care

Life gets busy, here’s how we simplify self care.

February is all about love, right? What’s more important than loving yourself? At Crunchy, we’re all about simplifying self-care because, let’s be real, life’s already complicated enough. So take a moment, breathe deeply, and focus on the little things that bring you peace. Here are a few simple ways you can celebrate self-love this month with simplified self care. 

The Power of Deep Breaths

First things first, take a breather. Seriously, find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and just breathe. It’s amazing what a few deep breaths can do for your stress levels. Research shows that taking deep breaths helps reduce stress and anxiety by telling your body to relax.

Nature’s Therapy

Step outside and soak up some nature. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or sitting by a tree, spending time outdoors can work wonders for your mood. It’s like hitting the reset button on your day.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Don’t forget to drink your water and treat yourself to a moment of mindful hydration with a Crunchy Hydration. WIth each flavor curated to soothe your mind and body, choose the flavor or function that speaks to you and sip away! Make hydration fun again with a can of Crunchy.

A touch of CBD

Looking for an extra boost of relaxation? Consider adding Crunchy CBD tinctures to your self-care routine. Just a few drops under the tongue can promote relaxation and ease stress, making it easier to unwind after a long day.

Keep it simple, find what works for you, and make it a part of your daily routine. Trust me, your mind and body will thank you for it. And remember, February might be all about love, but the most important kind of love is the love you give yourself. Grab a Crunchy and take a moment for you. These are the self-care moments that matter most.