Have you seen our two new Crunchy flavors Awaken and Stabilize?

These sensational Tangerine and Raspberry  waters really have us feeling like fall! 

Check out their product pages to learn more about all that the ingredients inside have to offer you. Then head over to our Crunchy Collection shop to give them a try!

With its combination of green tea, l-theanine, and Himalayan salt, this mango flavored functional sparkling water promotes physical stamina and mental endurance, giving you the boost you need when motivation is lacking.

Designed to work a true double duty, this lime flavored functional sparkling water utilizes green tea, l-theanine, and Himalayan salt to provide you a steady energy source, while holy basil and full spectrum hemp extract provide mental relief against any stressors that may arise.

This watermelon flavored functional sparkling water contains chamomile, l-theanine, and Himalayan salt, which work together to bring balance to our overextended selves, giving space to define and then communicate our truth.

Formulated with rosemary, vitamin D, full spectrum hemp extract, l-theanine, and Himalayan salt, this grapefruit flavored functional sparkling water will help to engage your memory and make sense of your daily experiences, creating the patterns that inform your insight.