The term “Crunchy” originally came from our sister company, Crunchy Carrot, whose juices contain trace amounts of pulp which provide each bottle with just enough crunch. Over time, “Crunchy” has evolved to mean much more.  It’s a lifestyle.

We have found that the vast majority of our peers, like we ourselves, have been leading overwhelming lives.

Boundaries that have been in place for generations between work and home, between personal and communal, and between our on and off switches have blurred as our capabilities and technologies advance. As a result, anxiety, depression, and a litany of other mental concerns are steadily on the rise.

Luckily, creative problem solving is on the rise right along with them! Each Crunchy Hydration blend has been built on the backs of those blazing the trails in the areas of mindfulness, intentionality, and natural solutions.

Our goal with Crunchy Hydration is to provide great tasting water that hydrates on a deep cellular level while easing the mind and body of everyday stressors. With a deliberate combination of adaptogenic herbs and nootropics, our waters promote a relaxed mood while increasing the body’s resilience against physical, chemical, and biological pressures. Better yet – each has been formulated to meet different needs, so that, whatever you are facing, there is a Crunchy for that!

Taking time to enjoy a Crunchy water creates an experience – a moment to unplug, breathe, and relax, a moment of mindful hydration to spark a habit of mindful living in today’s fast paced society.

Want to mindfully hydrate, fueling your body and uplifting your soul?

Then it’s time to: