About Us

The term “crunchy” originally came from our sister company, Crunchy Carrot, whose amazing local juices are mainly vegetable based and contain trace amounts of pulp which provide each bottle with just enough crunch. Over time, “crunchy” has evolved to mean much more. It’s a lifestyle. We are eco-friendly and strive for sustainability. We donate our veggie pulp to local bakers and plant enthusiasts. We support local farmers and love to partner with other small woman-owned businesses. We work with school systems to educate children on healthy eating and we support homeless youth in our community. 

Our service initiatives led to the realization of the overwhelming need for clean water in many communities. Water is a vital nutrient to the life of every cell and over half the body is composed of water. Despite efforts to drink water, why do most of us feel dehydrated and stressed on a daily basis?

Crunchy Hydration was created to solve this challenge. Our goal is to provide great tasting water that hydrates on a deeper cellular level while easing the mind and body of everyday stressors. How? It’s simple. We turned to nature. H₂O and Herbs. Our one of a kind craft herbal water encourages drinking with intention as our plant-based ingredients work with the body to heal, revive, and nourish. With a deliberate combination of adaptogenic herbs and nootropics, Crunchy water promotes a relaxed mood while increasing the body’s resilience against physical, chemical, and biological stressors.


Every can purchased helps hydrate a community in need. Our hope is to provide Berkey water filters to local and international communities that do not have access to clean, drinkable water. The gravity water filtration system does not use electricity and removes hundreds of contaminants without removing beneficial minerals. Want to help hydrate those in need while also hydrating yourself? It’s easy. 

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Megan Riggs


Megan, a Virginia Beach native, graduated from the University of Virginia with a love for international studies. While working in LA for an online learning and translation company, she felt something was missing amidst her professional successes. Daily anxiety and bouts of depression remained. And while prescription drugs were handed out like candy in LA, after trying (and failing!) with the Western approach to medicine, Megan decided to head to Southeast Asia for healing.

With only a backpack and a one-way ticket to Thailand, Megan found her love for all things fresh, local, and crunchy. A serendipitous cyclone sent her to a small town in the Thai Islands. Next door to her hostel was the volunteer headquarters for a Teach Thailand program. She decided to jump in and began teaching English at the nearby school and orphanage.

Every day Megan would stop by the local juice shop and fell in love with their fresh, plant-based offerings. Life in the Thai Islands was simple and nourishing. For the first time in a while, peace and clarity were found while daily stress and anxiety faded away. Megan discovered her passion and decided to open a juice shop as a way to continue this lifestyle and help others on their health journey. In 2017, she moved back to Virginia Beach to start a cold-pressed juice business, Crunchy Carrot, followed by this sparkling herbal water line, Crunchy Hydration, in 2019!