The term “Crunchy” originally came from our sister company, Crunchy Carrot, whose juices contain trace amounts of pulp which provide each bottle with just enough crunch. Over time, “Crunchy” has evolved to mean much more. It’s a lifestyle.

We are eco-friendly and strive for sustainability, partner with other small woman-owned businesses, work with school systems to educate children on healthy habits, and donate warm clothing and outerwear to homeless youth in our area. Through these service initiatives, we came to the realization that there is a desperate desire for stress relief worldwide and an overwhelming need for clean water in many communities, both local and abroad.

Crunchy Hydration was created to solve these challenges. Our goal is to provide great tasting water that hydrates on a deep cellular level while easing the mind and body of everyday stressors. With a deliberate combination of adaptogenic herbs and nootropics, Crunchy water promotes a relaxed mood while increasing the body’s resilience against physical, chemical, and biological pressures.

In addition, every can purchased helps hydrate a community in need. Our hope is to provide Berkey water filters to local and international communities that do not have access to clean, drinkable water.

Want to help hydrate those in need while also hydrating yourself?