Designed to BUILD YOUR INSIGHT, the Crunchy Hydration Om  has been formulated to help you understand the life you are currently living, and, ultimately, move toward the life you truly want.

Our Om formula utilizes its combination of rosemary, vitamin D, and l-theanine to aid in critical mental functions such as memory and concentration, while the 15mg of full spectrum hemp extract promote a complementary meditative state of mind.

Knowing that we are in a constant state of reaction to all we see, hear, touch, and feel, Om was designed to help analyze our material experiences and construct them into patterns, making responses to our daily challenges more natural and easy. 

By invoking the yogic practices the title of this blend invokes, we can pattern the full range of our daily lives into one holistic experience. 

Did you know each of our Crunchy Hydration blends has been inspired by a different energy center from the traditional chakra system?

Our Om is derived from the Third Eye Chakra, which is characterized by intuition, illumination, and, one of our Crunchy Core Values: INSIGHT. 

The purpose of this energy center is to inspire understanding. By using the insight developed from patterning our experiences, we can confidently respond to our current circumstances, crafting an appropriate response.