Formulated to help you ENGAGE YOUR COMMUNITY, our Crunchy Hydration Elevate is meant to inspire you to lift your gaze from self and connect with the world around you.

Our Elevate formula is designed with dual purposes in mind. Through holy basil and green tea, the Crunchy Hydration Elevate provides antioxidants, improving blood flow and bringing balance to the circulatory system. Meanwhile, the l-theanine and 15mg of full spectrum hemp extract relieve daily stressors and promote mental well-being.

With a balanced heart and stable mental state, we gain security in our own equilibrium, allowing us to look up from our self-improvement schemes and focus on bettering our relationships.

Did you know each of our Crunchy Hydration blends has been inspired by a different energy center from the traditional chakra system?

Our Elevate is derived from the Heart Chakra, which is characterized by love, relationship, and, one of our Crunchy Core Values: COMMUNITY

The purpose of this energy center is to inspire integration. By balancing our own hearts and minds, we create a solid self – one we feel safe and secure maintaining with ease – giving ourselves the freedom to connect with our surroundings and those who fill them.