Designed to help you COMMUNICATE YOUR TRUTH, our Crunchy Hydration Calm is formulated to bring today’s often overstimulated and overextended mind back to balance.

Our Calm formula utilizes aloe vera to rejuvenate the body, chamomile to reach a peaceful state of mind, and l-theanine, while taking advantage of both a mind and a body at rest, to achieve mental clarity.

With each of us being pulled in about a thousand directions daily, it’s understandable that we often feel we cannot dedicate as much time and energy as we would like to each of our individual endeavors.

The Crunchy Hydration Calm provides the equilibrium you need to clearly map your priorities, attend to those things that matter most, and communicate where your focus lies.

Did you know each of our Crunchy Hydration blends has been inspired by a different energy center from the traditional chakra system?

Our Calm is derived from the Throat Chakra, which is characterized by harmony, resonance, and, one of our Crunchy Core Values: COMMUNICATION

The purpose of this energy center is to inspire balance. Through clear communication, we are able to coordinate the different aspects of our lives into a harmonious system, bringing order from chaos and creating a well-balanced life.