Created to help you MAKE A CONNECTION, our Crunchy Hydration Awaken is designed to target and release suppressed energies, overcome feelings of pessimism and inadequacy, and, in turn, build the confidence necessary to bridge the gaps between self and other.

Utilizing ginger and calendula to stimulate emotional uplifting while the l-theanine and 15mg full spectrum hemp extract maintain mental steadiness, the Crunchy Hydration Awaken creates space to observe and heal your emotional plane.

This opportunity to get to know and to build confidence in yourself is the first step in relating to others. Once your inner dialogue has been awakened, it will naturally flow out in search of the deep connection from which intimacy grows.

Did you know each of our Crunchy Hydration blends has been inspired by a different energy center from the traditional chakra system?

Our Awaken is derived from the Sacral Chakra, which is characterized by emotional well-being, intimacy, and, one of our Crunchy Core Values: CONNECTION

The purpose of this energy center is to move beyond the mindset of surviving and into a life of thriving, which always and only finds its satisfaction in relationship with others.