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Crunchy Team

CEO & Founder

Megan Riggs

Megan, a Virginia Beach native, graduated from the University of Virginia with a love for international studies. While working in LA for an online learning and translation company, she felt something was missing amidst her professional
success as she faced daily anxiety and bouts of depression. After trying (and failing!) with the Western approach to medicine, Megan decided to head to Southeast Asia for healing.

With only a backpack and a one-way ticket, Megan found herself in Thailand just as a serendipitous cyclone hit, sending her to a small town in the Thai Islands.

Life in the Thai Islands was simple and nourishing. For the first time in a while, peace and clarity were found while daily stress and anxiety faded away. Megan discovered her passion and decided to open a juice shop as a way to continue
this lifestyle and help others on their health journey. In 2017, she moved back to Virginia Beach to start a cold-pressed juice business, Crunchy Carrot, followed by this sparkling herbal water line, Crunchy Hydration, in 2019!

COO & Web Guru

Kim Beachum

Kim, from next door Norfolk, VA, also graduated from UVA. After obtaining a bachelors of science in chemical engineering, she served as a program coordinator for nearly 3 years at a cultural center geared toward university students
in Granada, Spain. There she found great joy in assisting student attendees through language exchanges, extracurricular opportunities, and personal and professional development programs.

Upon her return stateside, Kim took on a role as a project manager, but it was not long before she too began to feel the pull toward a Crunchy, service and people-oriented lifestyle.

Kim joined forces with Megan Riggs as COO of Crunchy Hydration in July of 2019 with the goal to create a solid foundation in the Coastal Virginia region, so that Crunchy Hydration’s promotion of physical and mental health through intentional
hydration can ignite a Crunchy movement on a much larger scale moving forward!