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Formulated to FOCUS YOUR ACTION, our Crunchy Hydration Energize is made for those times when motivation is lacking, but forward motion is necessary.

Our Energize formula utilizes green tea to provide a natural, stable energy boost, goji berry to increase physical endurance, and l-theanine to promote concentration.

In other words, not only do these ingredients provide the activation energy needed to get you moving, but their combination also aims and sustains that momentum.

Whether you need to get off the couch or get out the door, hit the road or hit the gym – when you need a boost to take that first step toward your goal, that’s when our Energize is the right Crunchy Hydration for you.

Did you know each of our Crunchy Hydration blends has been inspired by a different energy center from the traditional chakra system?

Our Energize is derived from the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is characterized by will power, assertiveness, and, one of our Crunchy Core Values: ACTION

The purpose of this energy center is to inspire personal transformation. Through our will, we break our habitual cycles, freeing us to create new behaviors and patterns in our daily lives, which in turn lead us toward our desired selves
and our desired destinations.